Living abroad is certainly not the same and not as easy as living in your own country. Starting from the rules and laws, environmental conditions where you will live and different cultures and habits, to food that does not suit your taste, will test your ability to adapt.

It takes a lot of preparation before living abroad. Here are 7 things you must prepare to live abroad.

  1. Using an agent
    you can go to agents or program providers who offer opportunities to live abroad. This agent will help you from start to finish all your needs, using an agent can help all your processes finish faster.
    For example, such as helping with visa arrangements and finding a place to live like indonesia second home. If you want to work abroad in a fast and easy process, using the help of an agent is the right recommendation for you.
  2. Move abroad, then look for work there
    If you are an adventurer, this way of working abroad might be for you. Especially if you have sufficient finances or relatives abroad. You can try to move abroad first and then try to find work there. Of course, to go through this process, you still have to have a plan, for example, you already have a work plan or prepare a list of the companies you want. So when you get there later, you won’t waste much time.
  3. Using a working holiday visa
    Trying to find work overseas using a working holiday visa is a recommended option. Generally, tourists aged 18-35 who meet the requirements can stay abroad for up to two years, depending on the country of choice. A working holiday visa can help you determine where you will work and live legally for a certain time. Using this opportunity certainly has advantages such as you can take a vacation but also get work experience abroad. Dealing with overseas documents can be assisted by an agent so you have no trouble taking care of them, you can get clearer information at indonesia second home Visa.
  4. Employee exchange
    If the company where you work has a worker exchange facility, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Besides all the fees generally paid by the company or party that organizes it, another advantage is that you can work abroad while also exploring the experience of living abroad.
  5. Volunteers
    If you haven’t found a job overseas yet, you can try volunteering and go to your destination country. You can go, and volunteer, individually or with the community you have. Volunteering is generally unpaid, but the overseas work experience you gain will be invaluable.
  6. Freelancers
    Jobs such as trading, travel writing, web design, photographing, vlogger, and many other freelance jobs are other examples of opportunities to work abroad because you can usually do freelance work from anywhere. Although the salaries of freelancers vary, if you are good at managing time and can improve your skills. you just might be able to find freelance work that pays and works hours to match.
  7. Study abroad
    By taking the opportunity to go to school, you can also while working abroad. Even though maybe when you go to school you can only find a part-time job.