For some people having fresh air in the house is a difficult thing. If you know how to make fresh air in the house then everything will be easy. Therefore, on this occasion, we will share simple tips to refresh and clean the air in your home.

Fresh and clean air in the house is very important for your health as well as your family. What you often do not realize is that air pollution can also occur in your home. Dirt such as dust, pet hair, and carbon monoxide that enter your home can have a detrimental effect on health if it occurs in the long run. Diseases can be caused by poor air quality in the home.

How To Make Fresh Air In The Home

Place Ornamental Plants

Having plants in your home can help refresh the air. This is due to the natural ability of tannins to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Buy ornamental plants that are suitable to be stored indoors. Let it help clean the air of your home. This method can be said to be effective in refreshing indoor air.

Clean Air Ventilation

This is usually much forgotten by homeowners. Whereas air ventilation is where fresh air enters the house. If it is not cleaned for a long time then there will be a lot of dust sticking to the airways. As a result, the incoming air becomes dusty. Do this regularly to clean the windows and open them, as well as clean the air filter on the air conditioner. How to make fresh air in this one house is not easy and you should ask for the help of others to clean the air vents as well as air conditioning filters.

Use Safe Detergents and Softeners

The fifth way to clean the air in the house so that it is fresh is with jelly in choosing clothes detergent. Clothing detergents and softeners usually contain a lot of chemicals. One of the ingredients contained in detergent is Carcinogen which can affect the performance of the nose, throat, and lungs. Always try to use environmentally friendly and natural detergent, so it is safe to use every day.

Replace Air Freshener

Some studies say that many air fresheners contain toxic substances such as acetone, butane, propane, and formaldehyde which can all cause serious respiratory problems. Always use an air freshener that is free of chemicals or at least contains harmless chemicals. It will be better if you do not use chemical air fresheners in your home. Be sure to replace it regularly if it feels uncomfortable in your nose.

Clean the Bed

Always clean the bed regularly. Because there is a lot of dust in the bed that is not visible but stuck there. To avoid poor air quality in your bed then wash the pillowcases, bed linen, and blankets once a week. Cleaning the bed is usually very rare, even many people feel lazy cleaning the bed. As a result, for months the bed was not cleaned and became a dust nest.

Here are some ways to make the house air fresher. If the above methods you practice or apply then your home will have fresher air than before. With clean air then you and your family can be healthier and not easily sick.

Using Air Cooler

After a week of feeling the coolness of the Vankool brand best evaporative cooler, I want to know how to use a good and correct water cooler. Because a lot of people protest that this water cooler is not as cold as AC, even though the water cooler is not AC and has a slightly different function. read the difference between an air cooler and air conditioner, people buy water cooler because it is cheaper than an air conditioner and expect this water cooler to have the same function as air conditioner which is expensive.

  • Buy as needed

Although its function is only to moisten the room aka lower the temperature the water cooler has various variants. There are even variants that are already equipped with a bactericidal filter, while the price range ranges from 900- 1.4 million. It can be cheaper if the purchase is not in carrefour like me, so the same clay cooler in Vankool immediately want to nausea because the price difference is very far. It is advisable to buy one that is equipped with a bactericidal filter and timer because it is healthier and can be set a timer when you sleep. If you want to be cold, choose the one that has an ice tank, not just the water tank.

  • Do not place near metal or electronic goods

Remember the water cooler moistens the air with its ice tank or water, meaning it turns the water into a vapor of cold steam. That means metals and electronic items such as TVs or radios that are nearby are very vulnerable to damage due to moisture. 

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  • Do not wear non-stop!

Remember any water cooler, it can’t use anymore non-stop! Maximum usage depends on the amount of ice or water in the tank. Why? Because if the water cooler using states of ice tank or empty water, it is the same as shortening the life of the water cooler.