Wellington is a great city that offers great food, sights, and one of the best living conditions in New Zealand. Aside from the fact that this is New Zealand’s capital city, it is the perfect city for those who would like to experience living in a modern city while appreciating the beauty of nature. But no matter how good the city is, some people may find the need to move for some personal or other reasons. Whether you are moving to Wellington or transferring to another city, finding top rated Wellington movers could be a challenge. It could be harder when this is your first time to move into a different house.

Here are some of the tips on how you can get the best prices for furniture moving services.

Classified Ads

Just like the good old times, classified ads used to be the best way to find the services that you need. In this case, finding a moving company on these pages will require you to contact them one by one and ask for a quotation. Make sure to create a list of the large furniture and appliances (including their sizes if possible), so you don’t have to call them multiple times. Don’t be limited to what you can find on the paper, there are now classified ads that are also available online or in a form of a smartphone app.

Social Media

Coincidentally, you may find some furniture movers on social media with a friend that could have availed of the service before. If the company has provided an excellent service, chances are they could have provided a review on social media and posted something about it. You may also find the contact details of the moving company’s official social media account and contact them for a quotation. Since online messaging is available on most sites like this, you may attach a photo for more accurate pricing.

Asking someone’s help

If you know someone who has recently moved, you can also ask if they did some research on where to get the best service and quotes in availing the services of a moving company. They might have done the extensive work, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of checking each company one by one.

Moving comparison websites

If you are not aware of moving comparison websites, it works the same as hotel comparison sites where it can generate the best price according to your requirements. Using this technology is the best help you can get without the need to ask anyone for the cheapest option. Since Wellington is the capital city, finding an available service will not be a challenge.

It works by entering the information required by the website, such as the type of move that you require (for example: residential, commercial, moving large furniture, etc.), pick up location, and the drop-off. Just hit enter and the system will find the best prices provided by the different moving companies. Some may even have the option to enter additional services you might want to avail, such as packing from pick up location and unpacking on the drop-off location. However, it is important to note that the quoted price may increase depending on the company’s terms and conditions.