How do Green Doors Impact Your Home

The growing concerns on environmental sustainability have upped the game on reducing, recycling, and reusing.  There is increased pressure on green living to help solve mounting carbon footprints, waste in landfills, rising global temperatures, changes in weather patterns, and rapid depletion of natural resources. Since homes contribute to persist despite environmental problems, green homes are the new trend as they embrace technological advancement to create an eco-friendly living space.

One of the key areas where technology is embraced in green living is the creation of doors. Conventionally, choosing doors for your house entailed security and looks. Advancement in technology have produced new ways of producing doors that not only perform the essential roles but are also energy efficient. Sustainable doors help to reduce energy loss through improved insulation and alternative power sources. Garage and front doors are the main points of entry into your home, hence should embrace the criteria of green building and sustainable designs.

Home Green Doors

  • Garage Doors

As the largest entrance and moving component of your home, your garage door plays a key role in maintain structural integrity and energy efficiency, two major criteria in sustainable building and design. This means that your garage door stands to consume some of the highest levels of energy in your home. You can replace your conventional garage door with a green garage door that is designed and constructed with minimal environmental impact. Lifting your garage door multiple times a day draws a lot of power hence contributing to environmental degradation from increased power consumption. Eco-friendly garage door openers can now use renewable energy sources including solar energy. The openers will draw power from a dedicated solar panel or configured into an existing array, hence saving you huge power bills. 

Green doors feature insulated installations to helping trapping heat during the cold season. They may also feature environmentally friendly materials instead of wood. Non-metallic alternatives are available in the form of wood pulp, wax, and resins. These eco-friendly materials can be built using modern designs and finishes so you will not compromise on the aesthetic value that your home when choosing a green garage door installation. Garage doors fitted with solar openers can be paired with a variety of designs to create an aesthetic eco-friendly design.

  • Front Doors

The first impression your home gives from across the streets is key to how home is perceived. At the very centre of this curb appeal is your front door, which is where you welcome the world to your home. In the new age of embracing technology in homes, there are new-age materials aimed at helping you save energy through your front door.

When it comes to selecting an entry door, it is important to understand the various materials and designs available to enhance your homes architectural style and aesthetic look. Since the main entrance commands so much attention manufacturers are giving you the opportunity to customize eco-friendly front doors based on your lifestyle. Modern eco-friendly front doors now feature hollow and insulated designs with double-pane glass for doors with glass elements.

Since front doors are exposed to changing elements over time including snow, wind, and rain, the weather stropping around your door can compromise its insulation. Green front doors feature tight weather stripping material to help protect your door. In addition, some designs feature magnetic strips aimed to keeping the door sealed all year round.

Benefits of Green Garage and Front Doors

  • Energy Saving

Properly installed eco-friendly doors prevent heat gain and loss, hence eliminating unnecessary energy consumption and saving energy within your home. Less energy amounts to lower energy bills and more savings.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal

Eco-friendly doors made with modern technology have character and appealing designs. With the various designs available in the market, you will be able to choose a door that complements your home design and architecture. Having a solid eco-friendly front and garage door in today’s real estate market improves your home’s resale value while working with environmental-conscious agents and buyers.

  • Lower Replacement and Maintenance Costs

Green doors are designed with durable material which provides a longer lifespan as compared to conventional doors that need to be replaced regularly. With proper maintenance which include scheduled routine maintenance, lubricating metal springs and hedges, and washing the door with light detergents you will extend the lifespan of your doors. Combining this with lower energy bills, you will save money and resources over time.

Choosing Eco-friendly Doors

If you are looking to purchase green garage and front doors, take into account the manufacturing and transportation processes besides the product. Green doors are an important way for you to join the global movement of protecting the environment while saving you money and resources. Besides, going green does not mean compromising the beauty of your home. With the different designs and styles, you can enhance the curb appeal of your home with designs that complement your style.