Have you heard about three children killed in house blaze? It has been reported that in June 26, 2019, a house fire killed 11-years old boy, and two sisters about five years old.

Actually, there was a help. Those three children were pulled to a hospital. However, their lives could not be saved.

It is a bad news, indeed. Many people are sad because of that news. However it is like a warning for everyone at the same time. They have to be careful. House fire has to be avoided.

What should you do? At least there are three easy ways you can implement

First, install the smoke alarm. When house is burnt, at least lives can be saved. People in the house can get out of the house directly. When smoke alarm is installed, there is a sound that make them hurry up, getting out of house.

When the alarm is on, you also can try to see where the smoke coming from. When there is a still a chance, you can try to put off the fire.

Second, never charge your phone on the bed. When you frequently put your phone which is charged and put it on the bed, don’t do it anymore. Charging phone on the bed can cause the fire. It is due to the fact that the phone produces the heat. And the heat might cause the fire when the phone is on the bed.

The last, make sure that you purchase electronics which have been approved by Australian Safety Standard. You can buy electronics by online. However, it is better for you to ask the customer service whether the electronics have been certified or not.

Actually, if you buy electronics in the electrical wholesalers Australia, you should not doubt about it. There is not uncertified electronic sold there.

So, it is easy to avoid house fire, isn’t it?