About Find Your Home in the Sun

How It All Started

Find Your Home in the Sun began as a site for everybody who would like to regain the control of their finances. Hugues started this website to help others living the life they worth.

By searching the web for financial tips, he was able to get out of debt. Within less than a year, he was able to pay off his credit card as well as his other debts. He also established an emergency fund.

Looking back at all he achieves, he thought that it would be great to share what he learned and help those who want to do the same.

Find Your Home in the Sun’s Mission

Find Your Home in the Sun is a website where anyone can come when in need of financial information, saving money, making smart investments, and managing personal finances.

We know your time is precious, every advice that can be found on Find Your Home in the Sun are tested and working. To us, you’re not just a simple visitor. We want you to come back again and again.