Your front door color says a lot about you. But you won’t notice this unless you pay attention to reviews and opinions of homeowners shared on third party review platforms such as Here, homeowners talk about many things and the symbolism of front door color is only one of them.

Everything has an attached meaning, especially colors. How you choose your color, the purpose behind it, and the art and style at which your front door is painted say a lot about you, the owner of the house. You might not be cognizant of this, but passersby are taking note.

For instance, the White House describes what to expect from the building. Named by President Theodore Roosevelt, the color white has so far served as a symbol of wealth and exoticness for the White House. The same thing is associated with front door colors. If you read reviews, some of the meanings we have identified below have been closely associated with certain front door colors. Knowing them comes in handy if you are looking at how and what to paint yours.

  1. White color cleans and simplifies: Words related to the color white include cleanliness, simplicity, and orderliness. This has to do with the intrinsic features of the color white itself and how people put meaning to it. White is stainless, neat, and comforting. It is not a color of dirt or germs. So, a homeowner who has a front door painted in white would most likely be regarded as a clean person.
  2. Red color opens its arms wide: Arms wide open mean welcome. This is what the color red depicts. An exciting and vibrant homeowner would find it more preferable to white. A person of adventure, too. Most front doors are painted in red and this is because of the early American tradition. Either bright red or darker red, the owner wants you to be yourself, never pretending, and never phony.
  3. Green is the lifeblood: Nowadays, the color green can be subtle advocacy against global warming and climate change. Intrinsically, the color green is about health and general well-being. A front door painted in green depicts an environmental meaning, or a welfarist significance. Little surprises that some hospitals have their front doors painted in green. This can be deduced to mean a reminder of health, either personal or environmental.
  4. Blue speaks sincerely: Royal blue can stand for wealth or prosperity. It can be commanding and authoritarian. The simple blue color is sincere and can be comforting. The color blue has been proven to reduce stress by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Staring intensely at it might produce such an effect as staring at the sky. So, if you are wondering how you are perceived with a blue color on your front door, it is most likely in the direction of serenity and/or royalty.


These things are what your front colors say about you. Unless you don’t believe in the art and motion of colors, what color you use in whatever aspect of your life tells a lot about your personality.